Librarian as Change Agents: A life of Wisnu, Dewi, and Ayu

Librarian as Change Agents: A life of Wisnu, Dewi, and Ayu

The Librarian profession is less familiar in Indonesia and is considered a bookkeeper. Whereas, a tendency and potential for a new generation of young people to become librarians. Librarians can act as teachers, information consultants, knowledge managers, and subject specialists. Librarians have several roles that can be developed, not only for institutions but also for society. 

The aim of the study is to reveal the meaning of the librarian's role as a change agent according to Wisnu's, Dewi's, and Ayu's life and their contribution as a librarian. 

The study used a qualitative approach with a life history analysis. The selected informants have strong optimism, such as the achievements in their fields, the monumental works, and their impact on society. Data were collected through in-depth interviews, observation, and documentation. 

The findings can be used as a guide for librarians to act and contribute to society, through their role as change agents.

Penerbit: ICOCAS FIB Undip

Penulis: Gani Nur Pramudyo1 *, Alvia Wanda Ayu Romdona1

Tahun: 2023

Jenis: Prosiding internasional


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